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GSIC - Golden Summit Internationation Consultancy, Inc., your 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND immigration consultancy company once again, due to numerous requests, delivers "Option 2024 - Study Masters in New Zealand".


A special webinar for individuals aiming to further enhance their existing knowledge and skills for a better professional career.



  • Travel with your family to New Zealand. Spouse or Partner gets OPEN WORK VISA and children at study age may enroll in primary or secondary schools in New Zealand as "domestic students" (technically free).
  • Be eligibile for a POST STUDY WORK VISA allowing the student graduate to stay further in NZ with family for 3 YEARS.
  • Have the OPPORTUNITY to apply for RESIDENCE visa including FAMILY.


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For more than 19 YEARS, GSIC has been successful in helping thousands of individuals, many of whom are now professionally settled in key industries in New Zealand and enjoying better carreers and happy family lives in one  of the safest contries in the world.


A 2-hour FREE information session that will focus on: 

  • New Zealand as the Right Choice for a Better Career and Family Life
  • GSIC as your Partner Agency to Support your Goal
  • The Masters Study Pathway
  • Timeline and Procedure
  • Student Visa Application Process
  • Benefits of Studying Masters
  • The Pathway to Residence


Our NEW ZEALAND Licensed Immigration Adviser, Mr, Joel Miranda Angon, will discuss and share up-to-date information and details about the Masters Study Pathway and the many opportunities that NZ offers.


CHOOSE Experience. CHOOSE Expertise. CHOOSE GSIC!!


Joel Miranda Angon

Licensed Immigration Adviser

License Number: 201000080


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