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Immigration New Zealand has recently released the January-December 2018 Philippine Agents Performance Ranking...

... and GSIC, once again, received the BEST RESULTS!!

98% Visa Approval 

101-200 Applications Approved

We also take pride that GSIC has a Licensed Immigration Adviser who ensures that visa applications are well-assessed, carefully managed and professionally represented to INZ.

This is an achievement brought about by the Team’s commitment to good service and dedication to quality.

Thank you to ALL the NZ school partners for your unwavering trust and support.

To the GSIC clients, we share this amazing recognition with you all... your dream to have a better life and career in NZ inspires us the most.

Maraming salamat po.

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MAGNIFICENT Monday in March!!


Immigration Adviser License renewal APPROVED!! - valid until 8 April 2020

Thank you Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand(IAA) for the swift approval.

Almighty LORD, THANK YOU for the wisdom, guidance and the unending favours for GSIC. You are truly AMAZING!

To all the clients and their families that continue to trust and believe in the mission of GSIC ..... Maraming SALAMAT po.

To all the New Zealand government institutions & able school representatives and business partners, your faith in and support for GSIC never fail to astonish us.

To my awesome GSIC family, CONGRATULATIONS to us! Another full year of opportunity to deliver our role and to aim to be better in what we do as we remain steadfast and committed to one common vision — to deliver quality services in the best manner possible.

To my dear family and friends, Thank you for the inspiration and for continuously reminding me to keep the humility unshaken.

To my lovely wife and beautiful princess Gabie, THANK YOU for always bringing out the best in me.


2019 International Award!!!

Congratulations GSIC! Another inspiring achievement!!

Global Excellence Awards’ Best Corporate Immigration Consultancy

The Philippines 2019

Thank you to everyone who have trusted us for many years — clients and their families, business partners, NZ government institutions, our families for the support and to all the GSIC BABIES, we share with you this recognition.

To our ROCK, thank you LORD for the wisdom, guidance and strength.

GSIC shall remain steadfast in adhering to our mission — to help whenever possible!!

Salamat po!!


New Zealand government has released changes to immigration settings that come into effect on 26 November 2018, based on official announcement made on 8 August 2018.

New Zealand has NOW become a much BETTER and more student-friendly, interesting & exciting destination for Quality Education that may lead to permanent residency. The Government continuous to banner international education as the premier source of talent and skills from overseas.

Know more about the policy changes. Understand the oportunitues. Take action, NOW!

Visit OR call any of the eight(8) offices of Golden Summit Immigration Consultancy - GSIC, for an absolutely ‘FREE’ discussion. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and direct you in the decision to choose New Zealand as your next destination for a better life and career.

Joel Miranda Angon

Licensed Immigration Adviser

License Number: 201000080


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